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Future Food Stars: Season 2

Updated: May 31, 2023

Sound Recordists for Future Food Stars

In the summer of 2022 the Fresh Audio North's sound recordists were back on the road for season two of Gordon Ramsey’s Future Food Stars! Our fantastic sound team included;

Location Sound Recordists in Scotland, Wales and England.

This multi camera entertainment show would take us all over the UK, as Gordon searched for the best food and drink entrepreneur. We filmed in the various locations such as:

  • Ballantrae, Scotland - Gordon took his group of 12 entrepreneurs to Glenapp Castle and challenged them to create a banquet that celebrates his homeland.

  • Anglesey, Wales - with 11 contributors left, we were in North Wales where we filmed a masterclass on seaweed and the cast had to identify and harvest samples of the sustainable crop. Next, they were off to Portmeirion and the teams had to sell pizzas to locals and tourists.

  • Manchester, England - Gordon’s remaining contenders had to provide a bottomless brunch at Menagerie in Salford, hosted by two of the UK’s best drag queens. After that, our sound recordists followed them to the Northern Quarter where they entered the fitness food and drink market. We filmed the product development and promotional material they had to create and pitch to the judging panel at TRIB3 in Deansgate.

Our team of sound operators and sound assistants trekked up and down the UK to capture the various challenges Gordon had planned for the young chefs. Future Food Stars welcomed many professional chefs and other big name talent such as Nicola Adams and Mary McCartney. The shoot also took us to Oxford, Carlisle, Newcastle, Brighton, Guildford, London, Woking, Winchester and the finale in Glasgow. The whole shoot with Studio Ramsey was a great success, and once again the Fresh Audio team smashed it.

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