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Ryan Patton

MD & Sound Supervisor


020 3336 8396

Or Email:

A Bit About Me

Ryan is the Founder and Managing Director of Fresh Audio, and one of Britain’s best-known location sound recordists. He has worked on shows including the British Academy Television Award winning Love Island; The Reluctant Traveller with Eugene Levy; and the BAFTA winning Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad.


Having started in the sound industry in 2002, Ryan spent his early career working as a freelancer, travelling the world to help create some of Britain’s biggest TV shows. After quickly establishing a name for himself, he decided to take on a trainee, keen to give someone the same opportunities that he had. Ryan realised that he loved introducing new people into the sound industry, and he continued to take trainees on, working with them to deliver a multi sound recordist team.


With this collective of talent and production possibility, Ryan established Fresh Audio in 2014 from his living room, realising that he could deliver something new to the industry: a centralised team of multiple sound recordists. Ten years on, Fresh Audio has become the leading location sound recordist company in the industry, with a team of 12 Sound Supervisors, Recordists and Assistants, many of whom started off as Sound Trainees at Fresh Audio.

More than anything else, Ryan is proud of the team he has created at Fresh Audio. He hopes to continue helping new talent develop in the sound industry and to continue delivering high quality content to multiple clients across the globe.

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