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Pooch Mooch

Updated: May 29, 2023

Sound Recordists for Sky Kids Pooch Mooch

Fresh Audio North and TwentyTwenty (Warner Brothers) are are ready to film a new TV series for Sky Kids called Pooch Mooch. The small location team of a series director, producing director and sound mixer will document a child go on their first walk with their new pup! The series will take sound operators Callum, Martin, Charlotte, Manon and Ross all over the UK - so having crew based in both Manchester and London allowed us to facilitate this.

Location Sound Recordists in England, Scotland and Wales.

Starting in locations around London, the show was filmed over five weeks. The final stint of filming took us up north, where we filmed in:

  • Congleton - Grace and her puppy Enzo were in Cheshire and we filmed their first walk together in the local park.

  • Southport - We were in Merseyside and Jack and Honey went on a photo shoot whilst Maddie hosted her dog Nana’s birthday party with six pups attending.

  • Glasgow - Amelia took Percy to a dog agility centre.

  • Keld - We were in the Yorkshire Dales with the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, as we filmed her children Clemmie, Nancy and Annas take their dogs Kate and Nell out to herd some sheep.

  • Darlington - Rex and his guide dog Yarren lived in County Durham, and we went for a walk and filmed the amazing work and incredible skillset that guide dogs have when assisting people who are partially sighted or blind.

  • Gateshead - We were also in Tyne and Wear to film Henry and Bonnie’s visit to the Angel of the North.

  • Bingley - On our last day of filming in the North of England, we went to Leeds to visit Harly and Rocky as they went on an adventure on a canal boat.

Filming a TV show with kids and dogs was dramatic, chaotic and great fun. They say “don’t work with kids or animals” but of course, the Fresh Audio team were up to the challenge.

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