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At Fresh Audio we have launched a donate page in which every year we will choose a charity that is close to our hearts. This year it only seems right to start with the charity Unicef. Not only are they helping children around the world they are helping protect children & families in need in Ukraine. Please help us, help support them.  All of our free give away merchandise will now come with a QR code bring you to this page. Wearing it will show your support to our chosen charity of the year. 


UNICEF works for children around the world

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, works to build a better world for every child, every day, everywhere. UNICEF provides more children with clean water, life-saving food and vaccines, education and protection from violence than any other humanitarian organisation.

UNICEF works with families, local communities, organisations and governments in more than 190 countries to help every child realise their full potential. In everything we do, the most vulnerable children and those in greatest need have priority.

UNICEF is a multilateral child-rights organisation established by the UN with 70 years of field-tested expertise, a network that spans the globe, a passion for innovation and a commitment to make every penny count. Impartial and non-political, UNICEF is never neutral when it comes to protecting children’s rights and safeguarding their lives and futures.

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, reaching the furthest from help, the most disadvantaged and the most at risk. UNICEF saves children’s lives with vaccines, clean water and therapeutic food. UNICEF protects children from violence, exploitation and abuse. And UNICEF helps children fulfil their potential, by supporting quality education and training. UNICEF works for every child, to build a better world for everyone.


UNICEF in the UK

The United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK) is a UK registered charity that raises funds for UNICEF’s emergency and development work around the world and advocates for lasting change for children worldwide. This includes, for example, working to change UK Government policies and practices that are harmful to child rights in the UK and internationally. UNICEF UK is one of 33 UNICEF national charitable organisations based in industrialised countries.

In the UK, UNICEF UK works with the hospitals where children are born, the schools where children learn and grow, and the services that shape their lives, to make sure that every child has the same chance to shine.

In 2020, we helped nine out of 10 maternity units across the UK, supporting around 600,000 new babies as they enter the world. Around 1.5 million children go to schools that are becoming Rights Respecting, building an environment where every child is safe, respected and nurtured. And we are working with local governments in all four nations of the UK to help make our cities and communities places where all children, especially the most vulnerable, feel safe, heard, nurtured and able to flourish.

All over the world, including here in the UK, UNICEF promotes and protects the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF works with partners and supporters to:

  1. Advocate for and create change for children

  2. Unlock resources for programmes for children

  3. Promote children’s voices

How UNICEF is helping children in Ukraine

We have been working tirelessly to keep children safe since this conflict began eight years ago and we are determined to remain in Ukraine to reach the most vulnerable children and families.

  • We are helping to provide families with access to clean water and healthy food.

  • We are delivering lifesaving supplies to support families who have been forced to flee.

  • We have delivered vital medical supplies to 49 hospitals across Ukraineimproving access to healthcare for 400,000 mothers, new-borns and children.

  • We are increasing the number of mobile child protection teams working inside conflict zones to ensure that children have access to support.

  • To support and protect the millions of families who have fled Ukraine we are working with local governments across neighbouring countries and the UNHCR to create “Blue dot safe spaces” for children and women. These spaces provide key information to families seeking refuge, psychosocial support, water and sanitation supplies, and help in identifying and protecting unaccompanied and separated children.

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